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Painted Green, The Making Of

This set is the making of "Painted Green/St. Patrick's Day/Lizards" where Amanda and Polliana start out completely naked, putting a thin piece of transparent tape on their pussies, then begin finger-painting each other with green paint. There are some shots of them grabbing and leaving handprints on each others asses and tits. Not only do you get to see Amanda's suck-a-licious nipples, but juicy pussy lips peak through from behind the transparent tape. And there is a shot of Polli's moist pussy leaving droplets on the transparent tape. 117 never-before-released nude photos! Plus all 78 photos from the main fully-painted-green set.

195 Photos 1800x1200 pixels

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Plus get the comic wallpaper from this set in four sizes--1024x768, 1280x800, 1600x1200 and 1800x1200

Jacuzzi Sex Video

Here it is!!! The long-awaited video that Polli said would top all of our sets together! What are we doing? Well, in the photos we are 100% naked under the water of the jacuzzi and embracing and kissing and showing our asses and spreading our legs, and we even show the bottoms of our feet and toes. And there is a photo of me sucking Polli's ass! In the video I am pounding Polli from behind and slapping her ass, and we are vigorously doing the motions of sex and screaming and pushing and pulling and writhing our hips together.

1:18 Video + 28 Photos (1500x1000 pixels)

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Carnaval Collector's Edition

A member from Polliana's forum requested higher resolution photos for this set, so we decided to use this opportunity to show some of the photos that Polliana and I thought too nude for the original set. Can you believe it? We are already nude in this set, but we added 5 more nude photos which show even more, especially of me. There is a photo of us from behind where you can see something extra. There is a photo of us holding the masks in front of our privates where you can see more through the eyeholes. There is a photo of Polliana on her knees in front of me, my hand on the back of her head, her mouth open ready to eat me. And there are a couple of photos of us peeling off the glitter at the end of the set where you can see more our nipples. Also included are the regular outtakes from this set at the new higher resolution, and a one and half minute video of us peeling off the glitter.

113 Higher Resolution Photos 1800x1200 (Average file size is 782k):
  • All 97 photos from the original set here at 1800x1200
  • All 11 photos from the original outtakes here at 1800x1200
  • Previously-unreleased 5 nude photos at 1800x1200
Plus 1min:25sec video clip!

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